So there’s this great site called Cracked.com which has tons of hilarious articles, videos and blogs.  However, it’s also got lots of cuss words, dick jokes and other off color humor.

My biggest comedy partner is my brother Vaughn, and he chooses not to expose himself to the kinds of things listed above. Therefore, I created this site so I could share the funny with him.

I’ve simply taken articles from Cracked and edited them to be G rated.

Usually that just means replacing bad words and deleting off color pictures or sentences. Though occasionally it does mean coming up with original jokes to replace the inappropriate ones.

That’s about it.

In conclusion, if you are totally open to R Rated stuff, then go visit Cracked.com. If you only want G rated stuff  and you’ve already read everything on here, then go to Cracked.com, browse their article titles (don’t worry there’s no porn or naked pictures or bad words if you’re just browsing titles) and submit the title or a list of titles you want me to edit for you. I’ll get right to it.

There’s so many awesome, informative, funny and interesting articles on Cracked I just don’t know where to start, so I’m always open for requests.



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